It is 65°F at the Florida Sea Base this morning and it is still early enough for the temperature to potentially drop another degree.  We will warm to about 77° this afternoon with partly sunny skies, NE winds at 15-20 knots (fortunately there are no divers on the water until late this afternoon), seas 2 to 4 feet, and a water temperature of 78°F.  The weekly forecast calls for a little more sun, temperatures should rise a degree or two, and the wind should drop to 10 knots by Tuesday.


It is very rewarding to see the fruits of the Divemaster Academy and PADI Instructor Development Courses benefiting the Florida Sea Base.  Spring scuba staff members Scuba Commissioner/Instructor Tyler Giblin, Scuba Instructors Taron Soto, Jenna Burton and Amanda Kirk, Divemasters Tyler Burns, Bo Bussler, and Cory Lancaster and Instructor/Captains Scott Patton and Brenda Mallory are graduates of past Divemaster Academies and/or PADI IDCs conducted at the Florida Sea Base.


PADI Instructor Dale Davis, a long time Scouter from the Longhorn Council (my home council) and big supporter of the Florida Sea Base, recently retired from the FAA and is fulfilling his dream of joining the Florida Sea Base scuba staff by being a part of this spring’s team.  Dale is working hard to come up with a plan to bring more scuba activities to the Longhorn Council and I hope there is a place for me to join him in that endeavor.  Scuba diving as a unit or council activity is addressed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.  It is not an easy task, but it is possible.  Scuba is a safe activity when managed properly.  But I believe three Scouts have died in the past 5 years or so while scuba diving at a unit or local activity (none at the Florida Sea Base for the 15 years I worked here).  All of the nit picky BSA rules are there to provide as safe an experience as possible for the Scouts.  Fudging on these guidelines can be (as has been) catastrophic.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Scuba Director – RETIRED

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