That’s what I’ve got for today’s post – nothing.  But they say no news is good news so there you have it; nothing but good news. 🙂


PROTECTIVE CLOTHING – Yes, it is hot here.  But long sleeves are a reasonable consideration.  The SPF type shirts and the “wicking tees” sold through the Ships Store help keep you cool and reduce sunburn.  Hats, depending on style, can shade your eyes, ears, face and neck.  But remember, we frequently have wind and if you are on a dive boat there will definitely be apparent wind from the boats making 20 knots.  So you need to be able to keep your hat on your head.  Regardless of the type of vessel you are on (sailboat or dive boat), if your hat goes overboard the chances of recovering it are near zero.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape

4 Responses to “NOTHING”

  1. Tim Gaffron says:

    Really appreciate the tips Steve! I have been copying them and pasting them in an email to our crew every day since you started them. 22 days….


  2. Steve Willis says:

    I’m running out of ideas so feel free to submit something or even a question that I can answer as a tip. SW

  3. john lincoln says:


    here are a few i thought of….that probably need expansion….

    splitting a coconut with a knife while holding it with your two legs may turn out bad

    ants inhabit the keys and they bite

    electrical plugs are not omnipresent

    if not already become a confident swimmer, salt water, waves, and current can be challenging

    sleeping on the boats is comfy, just know they have natural A/C

    the closet “megastore” is on the mainland [70 miles away]

    don’t be afraid to use powder as to avoid any heat/moisture/abrasion rashes

    when you size up your flippers remember to account for some water and exercise-related “swelling”

    when scuba diving and snorkeling….take only photos and memories….and refrain from touching coral, shells, rocks, creatures, etc.

  4. Steve Willis says:


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