The old scuba training tanks stood at the Florida Sea Base for 35 years and served the Scouts well before being replaced.  The hand cut tile Ship’s Wheel was salvaged from the old 10′ deep tank and is now on display adjacent to the new complex.



The new pool has a Ship’s Wheel too.  However, the old one is a real piece of art.  The new one is a computer generated set of painted tile.


WATCHES – We don’t worry about time much in the Keys.  But SCUBA DIVERS NEED WATCHES.  Not just a watch, but a watch that is water resistant to AT LEAST 150’.  Divers need to be able to track time under water.  Scuba Liveaboard and Scuba Adventure participants are no longer in training.  You are certified divers.  And you should have been taught the importance of tracking your time during your Open Water Diver course.  YOU are responsible for tracking your depth, bottom time, and rate of ascent to make sure you don’t get decompression illness.  At a bare minimum, there should be at least one watch, bottom timer or dive computer per buddy team.  THE FLORIDA SEA BASE DOES NOT PROVIDE THESE DEVICES.  There is no need to buy a Rolex Submariner; a relatively inexpensive Casio® or Timex® will suffice.  I personally use of the less expensive Casio G-Shock models.  I have used it for about 15 years.

I am quickly running out of tips.  If you have any suggestions, please click on the comment tab.  I will be more than happy to give you credit.


As forecasted, the wind has diminished.  It should be very warm and sunny for the next several days with the always present possibility of a stray shower.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape


  1. Amy A says:

    Thanks much for these updates. My son is there this week on the scuba adventure from Prairieville, LA. Must be having fun, I haven’t heard from him since he got there Wednesday. Thanks for doing what you do and keeping a watchful eye over our kids.

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Amy. I will pass your appreciation to the staff. We train them, but once the boat leaves the dock it is all up to them. I am pretty sure your son is having an incredible time. SW

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