It was four hours, not 30 days, and it was a tiny, cramped, suffocating hot engine room, not solitary confinement, but yesterday morning seemed like an eternity.  During the afternoon it was simply too hot to be in there.  But after dinner I was back in the hole.

And why put that paragraph under program?  Because the only exposure I had to program yesterday was watching some arriving crews do their swim review and listening at dinner while the participants talked about the great day they had.

I’m sorry for being repetitive, but the Scouts, leaders, staff, and captains are all having a great time.  The weather is great and there just isn’t much to complain about.  “The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”.


CONGRATULATIONS to Cody Stepp who passed the last of his PADI Scuba Instructor exams yesterday.  Cody came to the Florida Sea Base a couple of years ago as a Rescue Diver/Boat Mate.  Then he attended the Divemaster Academy and came back last year as a Divemaster.  And know he is working at the Florida Sea Base as a Scuba Instructor.  This is more common for our staff members than you might think.  It is an outstanding way to learn a trade at a very reasonable cost, to learn responsibility and to mature.  Way to go, Cody!


Participants in the Scuba Adventure and Scuba Liveaboard programs are welcome to bring their personally owned scuba gear.  However, do NOT bring TANKS.  You cannot use your tanks here.  Leave them at home.  Don’t even ask.  The answer is NO.  The Florida Sea Base provides aluminum 80cf and aluminum 63cf tanks.  Most of our bottom times are less than an hour (usually more like 45 minutes) and our best dive sites are at 45′ or less.  High pressure steel 120s are a bit overkill.  Besides, our camp standards restrict our fills to an absolute maximum of 3,000 psi so we can’t fill a 3,500 psi tank anyway.  Sure, some of you really big guys may have to add some extra weight to your pockets/belt.  But it is what it is.


Perfect for now (assuming you like it hot, humid and sunny).  But the chances of rain increase significantly Tuesday through Wednesday evening.


Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Scuba Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape


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