I captained BSA Explorer yesterday morning for the final dive of the week for three Scuba Adventure crews, a double crew from Peachtree, GA and a single crew from Springfield, IL.  The crews did a good job of hustling and getting to the boat on time so we took them to a patch reef named Labyrinth for a one hour dive.  They reported seeing a lion fish, a remora, and “a lot of lobsters”.  The sky was overcast, but the seas were flat and the water was very clear.  It was an outstanding yet bittersweet final dive.  The Divemasters were Barry Bowman, Grace Mott and Eric Stewart.  Connor Musial was our Rescue Diver/Boat Mate.


We finally got a little shower late in the afternoon.  Really not bad considering the forecast was calling for 70% chance of a shower.  We were expecting a 90% chance of heavy rain last night.  It arrived this morning.  Today is free car wash in the Keys day.



No one likes to have their vacation rained on, but it hasn’t rained here in a while and the vegetation need this.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape



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