I have failed to manage my time well this morning and only have a very few minutes before morning meeting.

The folks at the Brinton Environmental Center were hammered with 2″ of rain in an hour before breakfast yesterday morning.  At the Florida Sea Base, we issued that cell and had a great day on the water.  But around 3pm the weather was changing for the worse and you could tell that it was time to head back to base.  A little after 8 pm it looked like this:


Fortunately, t wasn’t as bad as it looks.

We have less chance for rain to day but any rain that happens could be more severe than yesterday.


Thank you, Andy Davis, for responding to my plea for questions to answer.

For all the snorkelling Scouts on the corral reef adventure…
Do they need water shoes/booties or water socks to use with the FSB issued fins? How important isnit wear thesento prevent being rubbed raw?

Troop 43
Fort Worth, Texas

That’s a great question because all our participants at the Florida Sea Base, Brinton Environmental Center, Sea Base – Bahamas and Sea Base – St. Thomas go snorkeling and wear fins.  First, if you own your own fins, feel free to bring them.  All of the Florida Sea Base venues use Aqua Lung Hotshot fins.


These were designed specifically for travel.  They are an open heel design but made of a very soft rubber that makes them wearable without dive boots.  Very few of our participants have issues with these, but nothing works for everyone.  My suggestion is to bring a pair of ankle cut socks (thicker ones if you can find them) in the event you need some padding between the fins and you feet.  These will pack well and not be overkill if they wind up not being used.  You could bring thin neoprene dive socks if you prefer.

By the way, Andy, I earned my Eagle award in 1968 with Fort Worth Troop 36, chartered by Carswell Air Force Base back in those days.


I m out of time and have to run.  We had a great time scuba diving at two patch reefs yesterday, Crescent and Rocky Top.  We then made our way to a site called Cheeca Rocks for lunch, snorkeling, and water play.  After we returned to base (about 4 pm) I heard ZERO complaints from any of the participants about the weather.  They were too busy have fun!

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape

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