The weather at the Florida Sea Base has been a little (not bad) wet lately.  We did not have any rain yesterday.  Everyone is raving about the great snorkel and scuba conditions on the reefs.  Captain Christy Costa took this photo on the Scuba Adventure night dive on Saturday.



Continuing my response to Andy Davis’ question, today we’ll look at electronics.

Looking through the 2015 Florida Sea Base Participant Guide I found these comments:

Page 22: Portable stereos, “dvd players”, MP3s, iPods, skateboards, etc. distract from the Sea Base experience. Leave them at home.

Page 26: While cell phones are great for emergencies, plan on leaving them off during program time.

Page 34: DO NOT BRING: MP3/iPod/video game player

Page 41: DO NOT BRING: MP3/iPod/video game player

Page 48: DO NOT BRING: MP3/iPod/video game player

Page 65: DO NOT BRING: MP3/iPod/video game player

There can be much to do and much to learn while underway.  Six Scouts with ear buds in, jamming to their favorite playlist is not the mission or intent of the Florida Sea Base.  Cell phones are for emergencies, not for 24 hour texting sessions with folks back home.  Video gaming devices, MP3 players and other electronic distractions can be secured in your crew locker or placed in the safe in the registration office.  They should not be carried aboard as they are likely to get salt water wet and potentially ruined.  Most captains are willing to secure your electronics aboard for you if you forget to leave them on base.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape

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