What is the difference between a sailing vessel (S/V) and a sailing yacht (S/Y)?  Most references define the difference as a function of length.  However, in the Redneck Yacht Club, the difference is ICE.  If your boat has a means to manufacture ice, then it certainly is deserving of the title Yacht.  With the installation of the new refrigeration system a couple of days ago (thanks again, Connor), I think it is fair to upgrade S/V Escape to S/Y Escape.  Here is photo evidence of one-third of my first batch of ice manufactured by the new unit.


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Once again, the Florida Sea Base and Brinton Environmental Center sailed through the annual National Camp Accreditation Program inspection.  There was and is never any doubt.  They run a tight ship here, even though it is led by to retired Army soldiers.  (Oddly enough, the General Manager of the Summit is a retired Navy Admiral).


It is going to be a breezy weekend.  Some of the sailing captains are reporting cases of mal de mar onboard.  It’s time to load your system with Bonine.  Remember, puking leads to dehydration.  And in the Keys, dehydration may lead to death.  Bonine and lots of water is the order of the day.:)

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Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/Y Escape

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