The BSA Aquatics Task Force met last weekend in Irving, Texas. Scuba Program Director Joe Angelo and I represented the Florida Sea Base.  Task Force member Chris Stec, CEO of the American Canoe Association, announced the launch of a new app called Paddle Ready.  This is a FREE app and is incredible.  If offers a lot of information and features for anyone who spends time on the water regardless of if you paddle, sail or use some form of motor vessel.  I strongly encourage you to check it out.

A topic of great importance to Scouting was the CDC Model Aquatics Health Code.  This will impact all BSA pool and waterfront operations including the Florida Sea Base.  ATF members Keith Christopher and David Bell are staying on top of the issue on behalf of the BSA.

Former Florida Sea Base Director of Program Rob Kolb was recently reassigned to the National Office and is acting as the BSA advisor to the ATF.

The Aquatics Task Force hosts the BSA Aquatics Workshop every two years.  Dates and venues are currently being considered for the 2016 workshop.  Potential venues include (but are not limited to) the Summit, Sea Scout Base Galveston, and the Florida Sea Base.  Tentative dates are in late September to early October.  Stay tuned.

Significant progress was also made of a BSA Whitewater Policy.  This exercise is being lead by Richard Thomas and has been three years in the making.  We are very close to a final product.


I am keeping  close eye on Invest 91L.


Monday, the system had a 30% chance of development and was tracking towards the general vicinity of the Bahamas and possibly towards the Florida Keys.


This morning, the National Hurricane Center suggests 91L will curve to the north.  Hopefully if will die out of curve more northward and have no significant affects on any land masses.  The Bahamas and Carolinas in particular do NOT need another significant storm at this as they recover from Hurricane Joaquin.

I am headed back to deep Southeast Texas later this morning.  I have very limited internet access there and therefore have limited ability to post.

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Professional Scuba Bum™.


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