I am scheduled to be go to the boatyard today but I have postponed.  The wind was at 25 knots at 06:00 so I had everyone stand down.  Captain Steve Owens (mechanic extraordinaire) was up very early to load tools and supplies onto Escape and Captain Hajo Knuttel was also up and going to make the ride with me.  Captain Brenda Mallory was standing by to drive down later to pick Captain Hajo and me up at the yard.

Saturday is potentially a better weather day.  The National Weather Service says the wind will be out of the west (yuck) in the 15 knot range.  However, WindGuru is calling for light and variable winds while we enjoy a brief lull between two fronts.  The forecast for Sunday calls for gusts as high as 33 knots in the morning.  When I called the yard this morning they were relieved that I wasn’t coming.  They said trying to enter their marina is hazardous when conditions are such as today.

So now I have three days to work on other issues on Escape at the dock.


The only participants at the Florida Sea Base this week is a group of 50 volunteer Scouters attending the Scouting U Volunteer Development Conference.  Some of them, the tough and determined, are going snorkeling on Alligator Reef this morning.  Wow!


Former FSB Scuba Commissioner and dear friend, Alex Bergstedt, send me this picture of his car’s console this morning.


Alex lives in Valparaiso, Indiana (just SW of Chicago).  Minus 1?  Too cold for this thin blooded southerner.

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape


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