For all of the Florida Sea Base scuba staff – the 2016 PADI Instructor Manual is now available as a free download.  As a PADI professional, you should already have a PADI Pro’s site account.  If not, go to to create an account.  Once logged in, click on Training Essentials and scroll down to Instructor Manual.  Part of your membership agreement with PADI is to stay up to date on PADI standards and procedures.  This applies to Divemasters as well as Scuba Instructors.


Nancy Wells, Florida Sea Base Registrar, says the first participants of the 2016 spring season arrive at the Florida Sea Base on 13 February.  Nancy also reminded me that the 2017 reservation lottery is open through 15 February.

The captains are preparing their boats, the Program Directors are tweaking their staff training programs and the staff is rolling in.  Spring fever is here!



The first few weeks of the spring season looks pretty nice according to AccuWeather:

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Program Director Joe Angelo and I attended the BSA National Aquatics Task Force meeting in Dallas on Saturday.  As always, we had a very full agenda.  Major ongoing projects included whitewater policy, moving water updates, the CDC Model Aquatics Health Code, and the 2016 National Aquatics Workshop. (The National Aquatics Workshop will be held at the Florida Sea Base 27 Oct – 02 Nov.)

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Professional Scuba Bum™

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