The 2016 spring program season is in full swing.  You can stay up to date on their Facebook page at

While the summer program season is always at or very near capacity week in and week out, the spring season attendance ebbs and flows with the various spring break calendars around the country.  It appears the two big weeks for spring 2016 are situated around Easter.  This is common, but not always the case.

If you are coming to the Florida Sea Base or Brinton Environmental Center this spring, especially around Easter, PLEASE plan for SIGNIFICANT travel delays.  Road time from Miami will be about an hour longer than you think and about 90 minutes longer if you are coming from Fort Lauderdale.  If you are planning on stopping for lunch, even at a fast-food restaurant, plan on 1 to 2 hours to get in, eat and get back on the road.  That means that Miami Airport to FSB with a stop for lunch can easily be a 4 hour trip. The Brinton Environmental Center is another 2 hour drive beyond FSB in the spring.


This is mentioned in the adventure specific packing lists in the Participants Guide, but I thought it deserved repeating in the blog; bring a headlight.  The Florida Sea Base has always recommended packing a flashlight, but a handsfree headlight is even better.  I bought a decent, two brightness, Energizer brand SPRING TRAVELheadlight at Walmart for under $10 this week.  I always keep 2 or 3 onboard Escape.  Be Prepared!!!


There is a slight chance of rain (20%) at the Florida Sea Base over the next few days.  Highs are expected to be around 81 with lows in the low 70s until Thursday night when it should drop to near 60.  The wind is expected to be at 10-15 knots until Wednesday night when it will increase to 15-20 as a front moves through.


I plan to return to Sea Base the first week of March to prepare S/V Escape for the summer Coral Reef Sailing program.  Stay tuned!

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Professional Scuba Bum™

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