I have been inexcusably remiss in welcoming MATTHEW REINECK to the professional staff at the Florida Sea Base.  Last year, former Director of Programs Robert Kolb as promoted to the National Office.  Tim Stanfill was then promoted from Team Leader – Logistics Support to fill Rob’s spot.  Sometime near the first of the year Matt was selected to fill the Team Leader position.

So what does the Team Leader – Logistics Support do?  (First, what a mouthful of a title!) Essentially, Matt is responsible for everything except program and facilities.  What’s left you ask?  Retail sales at our two retail outlets, internet sales, conference reservations and management and all things food.  It’s good they found a young guy for the job.  Whew!


Welcome aboard, Matt!!!


After spending (many) thousands of dollars in the boat yard, Escape is back in her slip at the Florida Sea Base.  There are still several things to do, but soon, Escape will have made the conversion from floating-condo-at-the-dock back to being a sailboat.  If all goes well, she will sail in the Coral Reef Sailing program this summer and maybe, just maybe, I’ll earn back what I spent on her.


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With the surge in springtime crews, Scuba Instructors Dale Davis and Paul Mangone have both reported for a few weeks of duty at the Florida Sea Base.


Overall, conditions have been exceptional this past week for scuba diving and snorkeling.


However, 72°F water temperature is a little chilly for me!

Capt. Steve Willis
FSB Program Director – RETIRED
Aboard S/V Escape

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