The weather and sea conditions continue in our favor.  The Florida Sea Base has crews arriving daily and there has been NO impact on our normal programs from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.  The Florida Keys remain open in all aspects; there are no beach closures, waterway closures or fishing closures.  We are operating as usual.  The first potential storm of the season is expected to stay well north of us.  All is good.  Here is a chart of the area closed to fishing.  You can see that is it hundreds of miles from the Florida Sea Base.  Fish Close Map-5-21  I saw a report on the Weather Channel this evening.  BP is planning to begin the top filling process tomorrow morning.  They think they will know if it is going to seal the well or not by tomorrow evening.

Today was day two of staff training at the Florida Sea Base.  The diving staff worked on swim reviews, scuba skill reviews and snorkeling this morning.  This afternoon was spent on the reefs giving staff members new to the Florida Sea Base an opportunity to become familiar with their new “office” and giving all of the dive staff the opportunity to practice rescue scenarios.  We will do rescue scenarios at every opportunity for the next several days.

I got to go scuba diving myself today, with the staff.  I don’t get this opportunity very often anymore so it was a real treat.

This evening we held a refresher course on the proper use of medical oxygen during diving emergencies.

The sailing staff practiced small boat sailing this morning and worked on swimming and snorkeling skills this afternoon.

I hope you had a great day.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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