Today was day four of summer staff training at the Florida Sea Base.  About half the day was driver’s education.  We use 1 ton, 12 passanger vans at the Florida Sea Base and most of our staff members have very limited, if any, experience with this size vehicle.  The sailing staff spent much of the remainder of the day becoming familiar with crew check-in procedures and all of the facilities on the base.  The scuba staff attended boat mate training and learned knots essential to their job (cleat hitch, bowline, clove hitch and 2 half hitches).  The scuba staff are on a night dive tonight.  I am working on paperwork for the annual BSA camp inspection.

BP started the process of “top filling” the Deepwater Horizon well.  They were not able to start until about 1400 (2:00 p.m.) and I have not been able to find any report on how it’s going.  Most authorities, even BP officials, give this process a low chance of success.  If they are unsuccessful, it will be months at best before the next phase is anywhere near completion.  On top of everything else, there is now concern about a VERY active hurricane season interrupting any attempts to stop the oil flow.  Here’s a concerning article from msnbc.  William Gray, the world’s foremost hurricane forecaster, is calling for an even more active season than 2005, which is currently the most active season on record.  I cannot find any reports on forecasted effects on the Florida Keys.  But so far, so good.  There is no Deepwater Horizon oil reported in the Florida Keys.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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