Today was day six of summer staff training at the Florida Sea Base.  We had the pleasure of hosting the staff from the Brinton Environmental Center who joined us for a day of administration related training.  We also had folks present from the Community Blood Bank.  I did not get an official count but we are certain that at least 35 staff members donated blood today.  Lori Dekker from Keys Consortium was also here to drug test staff members who are required by law to belong to a random drug testing program.  The US Coast Guard requires testing for all captains, mates and other personnel working on the water.

The Loop Current eddy that I have referred to a few times is finally starting to develope.  There is a full report on Dr. Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog.  This eddy should be good news for the Florida Keys and the Florida Sea Base but not such good news for the folks along the Louisiana, Alabama and Florida Panhandle coastal areas.  BP is continuing with the “top kill” process.

I have homework tonight.  I have to teach a class in HazMat tomorrow for the scuba staff.  The US Department of Transportation considers a container holding 40 psi or higher pressure to be a hazardous material.  Since all of our scuba staff are likely to fill scuba and transport scuba tanks during their employment at the Florida Sea Base, thye must receive training.  I have never taught this subject before so, as I said, I have some homework to do tonight.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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