Today was the final official day of staff training for the scuba staff at the Florida Sea Base.  The morning was spent on handling and filling scuba tanks.  The afternoon was spent with a question and answer session with the Florida Sea Base health advisor.  All of the scuba staff had very good questions for the doctor and I think they were impressed with his explanations.

We also had one Scuba Liveaboard crew and four Coral Reef Sailing crews arrive.  Sargon Smith will be the Scuba Instructor for the Scuba Liveaboard crew which will be aboard Schooner Conch Pearl with Captains Denny and Holly.  I did not get a copy of the Coral Reef schedule this morning so I apologize for not being able to list the personnel assigned to those crews.  One Sea Exploring crew returned today and had their luau tonight.  They will head for home tomorrow morning.

I took compressor filters and a replacement compressor fill hose to the Tuesday Scuba Liveaboard crew who are out on S/V Endeavour and S/V Ciao Bella.  Captains Mike and Kelly were in good spirits and reported that the water conditions are like a swimming pool; 81 degrees and calm seas.  I also spoke with Scuba Instructor Meghann Michalski who says she is having a BLAST.

The top filling at the Deepwater Horizon site has officially been declared unsuccessful.  BP is working on another attempt to cap the well.  The ONLY good news that I can offer is that the Florida Sea Base and the Florida Keys remain oil free.  The water here is incredibly clear for this time of year.  The tourists are literally PACKED into the Keys for the Memorial Day weekend.  If you are arriving in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach airports and driving down to the Florida Sea Base or Brinton Environment Center on Saturday or Sunday, I suggest you add at least an hour to you predicted drive time.

We pray for the flow of oil to be stopped soon and the quickest recovery possible for the areas that have been affected by this disaster.  I do not wish this tragedy on anyone.  I thank God for sparing the Florida Keys for so long.

It is WAY past my bedtime and I have a staff meeting at 0730.  More news tomorrow.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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