Today is Memorial Day, please take a moment to reflect on the the soldiers who have fought and given their lives to protect the American way of life.  If you happen to see a soldier today, make an effort to tell them “thank you.”  And if you know a relative of a soldier thank them too.  They also sacrifice and suffer.  They deserve your thanks.

There seems to be no significant update to the Deepwater Horizon blow-out.  Winds should remain relatively light next week pushing the oil on-shore and possibly east as far as the Alabama / Florida border.  The off-shore oil stills appears to be caught in the Loop Current Eddy and posing no threat to the Florida Keys or the Florida Sea Base for the immediate future.  It may be MONTHS now before BP can shut this well down.  Current estimates suggest more than a million gallons of oil may be released through this one well by 01 August 2010.  I am not educated enough to find words to express my feelings.  This is simply unbelievable, incomprehensible, and criminal.  I appreciate all of the benefits of oil.  But the safety regulations have to be enforced and the safety devices have to be tested periodically for functionality.

On happier news, Captains Rich, Carol and I will be departing at 0630 tomorrow morning for Slidell, LA to take delivery of the Florida Sea Base’s third Newton 46 Dive Special, the BSA Centennial Eagle.  I have some housekeeping and packing left to do.  This is not a convenient time for us.  The boat was supposed to be ready before now.  Oh well.  It looks like we have a good weather forecast for the delivery.  That means a lot.

I’m not sure if I will be taking a laptop or not.  Even if I do, there will be a few days that I can’t post anything.  I will do my best to post whenever I can.  Thanks for your continued support.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. dave ball says:

    Have a safe trip!

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Dave.

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