The Florida Sea Base is now in the capable hands of Capt. Alex Bergstedt, Scuba Commissioner, Matt McClure, Sailing Commissioner, and Dominic Alesandrini, Dockmaster.  Captains Rich, Carol and I left the Florida Sea Base early this morning and have arrived in Slidell.  Capt.  Tom Faralli met us here.  But the day didn’t go quite as planned and there are some issues to be resolved.

We left the Florida Sea Base at 0630 this morning for what is normally a two hour drive to the Miami International Airport.  Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1035.  No worries.  We arrived at MIA at 1030.  BIG worries.  The only good news was that the departure had been postponed for 15 minutes due to the bad weather.  We had a bag that had to be checked due to the contents.  As many of you know, I have a crippled leg.  So the decision was made that  Captains Rich and Carol would run for the gate with their carry-ons and I would take the checked bag and catch the next flight.  Captains Rich and Carol were successful and BARELY caught the flight.  I stood in line for an hour and a half to get booked on the next flight and check the bag.  Thirty minutes later I was through security and at the gate.  But the flight did not leave for another four hours.

Captains Rich and Carol went to Newton to check on the status of the BSA Centennial Eagle.  The boat has still not been sea trialed by the US Coast Guard or the representatives from John Deere (required for the engine warranties).  So that will happen tomorrow morning if we are lucky.  Adding to our woes is the weather forecast (50% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow).  And finally, we are concerned that some of our route may be closed because the prevailing winds are pushing the oil from Deepwater Horizon towards Mobile, Alabama.  Oh yeah, on top of all of that, we need to return to the Florida Sea Base ASAP because we have our annual national camp inspection next week.

I have been watching the local news while preparing this post.  The oil spewing from the Deepwater Horizon site is killing this part of the world.  It is unexcusable.

I will post a report tomorrow if we aren’t able to get underway.  If you don’t here from me, it means we are on the water headed for the Keys.

Capt. Steve

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  1. Al says:

    Best of luck on the trip home. Red-eye.

  2. Steve Willis says:


    I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply before we departed. Thanks for the well wishes. Deliveries are rarely perfect and this one had its challenges too. But we made it home safe and there are no major issues with the boat.

    Capt. Steve

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