Capt. Rich and I were at the 07:30 staff meeting.  Capt. Alex Bergstedt, Matt McClure and Dom Alesandrini did a great job of keeping the lid on the boiling caldron while we were gone.  Thanks guys, and thanks to all of the staff members for doing your jobs competently and following Capt. Rich’s #1 rule – Don’t be Stupid!

Tomorrow we will refocus on our annual camp “visitation”.  This used to be called an inspection but I guess some bureaucrat thought visitation sounded less threatening.  It is what it is.  A bunch of folks are going to arrive at the Florida Sea Base on Wednesday to audit our procedures.  The actual inspection, I mean visitation, is on Thursday.  This is a one day event (it could easily be a day and a half or two days) that requires the inspectors to split into three teams, two at the Florida Sea Base and one at the Brinton Environmental Center.  Friday morning they will make a report.  This will be my 11th “visitation” at the Florida Sea Base.  It is always hard to have a team of people come in and do their best to find some type of deficiency.  One year one of the inspectors was displeased because one of our signs read something like “No Unauthorized Personnel” but was supposed to read “Authorized Personnel Only”.  So we went across the street to the hardware store, bought the proper sign and put it in place.

I  was hoping to find more info on the Deepwater Horizon debacle to report on today but in all honesty I am still dragging and simply haven’t made time to catch myself up.  I am very interested in any news any of you can provide with references so I can take a look.  Just click on the comment button and type away.  I will try to do a better job and have some information to post tomorrow.  The bottom line for right now is the Keys – including the Florida Sea Base – are oil free and open for business.  Sometimes you just have to take things one day at a time.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. Lois Oster says:

    Captain Steve,
    While you were away, I’ve been following Anderson Cooper at night on CNN. He seems to be doing a more complete job than some of the other outlets. I’ve dug around and found the link for the transcripts of his show since I understand the internet connection there is a tad slow for watching the video. If you go here, you should be able to get a pretty good picture of what’s been going on. Rachael Maddow has also been doing a good job of covereage. Transcripts of her show are here: (scroll down toward the bottom of the page). Both of these two seem to be doing a fairly good job of separating fact from BP’s fiction.

    Thanks for the daily updates. I’m glad to hear you are still oil free. I pray it stays that way.


  2. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Lois. I will try to follow up on those tomorrow. April had suggested the Anderson Coper reports but I don’t have a TV on my boat. The links will be a big help.


  3. Cpt. Gerald says:

    Cpt. Steve, I just wrote you the most movable missel of what we did while you guys were out Yachting. However, I regret to say that in the last paragraph my little finger hit a wrong button and who knows where the missle went and where it will land.
    Anyway, we had a great first week, even the hook in the eye came out good, and a good time was had by all. Back at Sea Base our crew won the volley ball and the rope tug and caught a prehistoric fish.
    We are glad that you guys came back alive to fight another day, and the new big boat looks great.
    Cpt. Gerald

  4. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks for the info. I will include it in tonight’s blog.


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