I’m sorry for not posting last night or earlier this morning.  The biggest news at the Florida Sea Base is the headline of this post.  Apparently NOAA is satisfied that the oil from Deepwater Horizon poses no near term threat to the Florida Keys or parts beyond and has suspended the offshore trajectory forecasts.  Rease read the full article.

The general weather forecast for the next few days at the Florida Sea Base calls for brisk easterly winds (15 – 20 knots).  These conditins will provide a “high adventure” experience for our participants.  The sailing will be good and the temperatures will be more tolerable.  The snorkeling and scuba diving will suffer, but the conditions will improve in a few days.

Capt. Rich is driving BSA Explorer, one of the Scuba Aventure boats this morning.  I am in the office experiencing opportunities to improve.  Capt. Dennis Wyatt is running around showing off his new “Joe Dirt” mullet wig.  And by the way, congratulations to Capt. Dennis whose book, The Bald Man in the Sea, has sold out of it’s first printing.  He found used copies for sale on the internet for over $35.00.

Invest 93L has formed where 92L left off.  This reformation has a chance to develope into Tropical Storm Alex.  Current forecast models show the system staying south of Cuba and there is no imminent threat to the Florida Sea Base.

From Weather Underground

Stay tuned.

Capt. Steve
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