I’m enjoying a lazy morning at the Florida Sea Base.  I feel asleep at about 23:00 last night, pretty late for me.  I woke up at 03:00 and 07:20 to pee but didn’t really get up until 09:00.  Then I fixed a nice breakfast and washed dishes.  I spent 30 minutes updating the pages on this website and then I checked the weather.

Tropical Storm Alex - Courtesy of Weather Underground

While it is still early and anything is possible, the current thinking is that TS Alex will move generally westward after crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and probably won’t travel over or near the Deepwater Horizon site.  TS Alex should have NO effect on your travel plans to the Florida Sea Base.

Invest 94L - Courtesy of Weather Underground

The best news for everyone is that Invest 94L is projected to curve north and east into the Atlantic Ocean.  Bermuda was a concern yesterday but it looks like they may miss this one.

Satellite image of the tropics at 9am EDT Saturday 6/26/10. Image credit: GOES Science Project.

Here’s a great overview of the activities in the tropics this morning.

I haven’t received any phone calls this morning.  That’s a good sign and I will check in with the office in a little while to confirm that all is well.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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