Yesterday was opening day for the 2010 Mini Lobster Season.  No not mini lobsters, a mini (2 day) season.  A pre-season really.  Two days of recreational lobstering before the commercial lobstering season opens on 01 August.  This is an annual event in the Florida Keys.  There are nuts from all over the country spending thousands of dollars to catch a lobster that sells for about $15 (or less) locally.  I have not heard any reports of any deaths yet, but we usually have 3 or 4 each year.  Spending thousands of dollars to catch a few lobsters is nuts.  Dying to catch a lobster is stupid.  The Florida Sea Base allows participants to lobster (no additional fee) while snorkeling, but not while scuba diving.  Capt. Denny Webb from the Schooner Conch Pearl submitted the following:

Captain Denny from the Scuba  liveaboard boat Conch Pearl reports 33 “keeper” lobster taken on opening morning of mini season. many more shorts or ones with eggs were caught and released by Captain Denny, scuba instructor Kyle and the crew from Texas. All done while snorkeling  at Pelican shoals.

Mark Michalski sent the following from Jambo:

Hey Cap’n Steve,

Keep up the great newsletter, it helps to keep us parents informed on the goings on.  Here is one of the news letters coming from Scuba Staff at Jambo, the 2nd page details some of the exhibitors in the exhibitor tent.  You can also check out the pictures on the NJ ScubaStaff Facebook page. (There also is a NJ Scuba Staff Alumni page.)  All of the usual suspects are on their, Bob Tallent, Jan Haase, Jerry Wall, Jim Guard, Jerry Wall, Dave Ball.  Here’s a link to Scuba Staff 2010 if you’re on FB:!/group.php?gid=114833179222&ref=ts

Mark Michalski
Baltimore Area Council
NJ Scuba Staff ’93, ’97. ’01, ’05

Mark also provided the following pdf file.  ScallyRag0728 Thanks Mark.  And by the way, your daughter Meghann is a PLEASURE to have on staff.  Has she told you about being Queen of the Ping-Pong Balls?

No news is good news from the tropics.  The local forecast is the same as yesterday – perfect.

Thanks to Capt. Alex Bergstedt I made some headway on the 2011 budget yesterday.  There is still a long way to go.

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More later.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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