Good morning.  I am “off” today so this may be brief but I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the tropical development – or at least what the “experts” seem to be saying at this point.  A new wave emerged from Africa yesterday.  There is speculation that this new wave will kill or devour 90L.

From Weather Underground

The above graphic was copied from Dr. Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog dated 30 July 2010.  In the same blog, Dr. Masters commented on the wave that is south of the Dominican Republic.

Tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean
A tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean, south of the Dominican Republic, is moving west at 15 – 20 mph with no signs of development. The wave is under a high 20 knots of wind shear, due to strong upper-level westerly winds from an upper level low centered north of Puerto Rico. This shear is expected to remain remain high through Saturday. By Sunday, when the wave will be approaching Nicaragua, the wave will be far enough away from the upper level low that shear should fall to the moderate range, 10 – 20 knots. Some development is possible on Sunday, but the wave will have only about a 1-day window to develop before its westerly motion brings it inland over Nicaragua on Monday. NHC is giving this wave a 10% chance of developing into a tropical depression by 2pm Sunday.

So we’re not sweating the Caribbean system and 90L and the new African wave are too far out to be overly concerned about at this time.  Locally we are expecting another VERY warm day with light winds – great for diving but a little challenging for the sailors.

Since I’m posting this a couple of hours later than usual this morning I decided to check the comments part of the site and was pleased to find the following compliments of Capt. Dennis and Jon Dobson:

Just a reminder to all Staff: don’t stick your pinkie finger into a hermit crab’s home. The pincher claw will create a blood blister on the end of one’s finger. It seems to hurt a lot. Dunking the attched hermit crab into salt water will only made the hermit crab squeeze tighter thusly hurting more. Shaking the crab appears to make the crab more angry. Also–when screaming for help from Captain Dennis don’t scream “Captain Steve!! Captain Steve!! Hellp! Get this thing off me! Help!” Be aware of the rescuer’s name. Also, I, John Dobson, would like to personally and publicly thank Boat Mate Dan for leaping to my assistance with his Spyderco knife. I did believe he was going to cut my pinkie off, but he attacked the claw. And thanks to Program Office Manager Ellen for her sympathies. And thanks to all the Staff at the July 31st Staff Meeting for their kind comments and subdued laughter. Also thanks go to Captain Rich who reminded me “If you aren’t going to be smart…you’ve got to be tough.”

The actual quote is “If you’re going to be stupid you better be tough” which is attributed to Capt. Mike Lucivero.  One of Capt. Mike’s participants had a stack of bumper stickers printed with the quote and Capt. Mike’s name.  Anyway, it seems like some of the staff are learning life lessons.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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