Good morning.  All is fine at the Florida Sea Base this morning.  Despite weather and electricity outage issues yesterday morning, I still managed to submit the first draft of my 2011 budget – a day ahead of schedule.  There will likely be revisions required.  MAYBE I can get those knocked out Friday, depending on when Paul Beal tells me which specific accounts need to be reduced.  I think I have submitted two annual budgets that were accepted without revisions.  Sometimes all it takes is better justification for the increases.

Hurricane Danielle was joined by Tropical Depression 7 at 11:00 yesterday.  TD 7 became Tropical Storm Earl yesterday afternoon and should be Hurricane Earl by Saturday.  Earl may curve north, but if it doesn’t, the Florida Sea Base could be in the “cone of death” projection by the weekend.  And we have a new wave that emerged off Africa yesterday.  This NASA image was posted yesterday before TD7 was upgraded to TS Earl.

I woke up around midnight night, used the head, checked the radar on my iPhone, all was clear, and went back to sleep.  At 03:08 I was awakened by the sounds of wind and waves.  We were on the edge (thank goodness) of a small but strong thunderstorm cell similar to Tuesday night.  The heart of this cell was just to our west but we still received an uncomfortable amount of wind.  The storm lasted for 30 minutes and was gone.

Some of you may know former all-star staff member Mariah Hall.  She and Capt. Tom Faralli (who drove BSA Adventure this summer) departed the Keys yesterday.  They are moving on with their lives.  It’s tough to earn a living down here.  I wish them success and happiness.

I think our on-payroll staff now consists of Maya and Lenka in the Galley, Noah in the Ship’s Store, Joe and Capt. Martin on the Facilities staff, and Capt. Alex, Lindsay, Dave and Aaron on the Program staff.  07:30 staff meetings have been suspended.  Capt. Rich or I will make staff assignments during breakfast (which now consists of cold cereal and bagels).

While seven of the full time staff are focused on 2011 budgeting and program, Nancy Wells, our Registrar, is already working on 2012 scheduling for council contingents.  Sometimes a single Troop or Venturing Crew cannot sign up enough participants to meet the minimum crew size for a Florida Sea Base adventure.  So Scouts from multiple Troops/Crews within a council come together.  That is referred to as a council contingent.

If Capt. Carl Olshenske or Capt. Alex Holoman are reading this, your checks are in.  Swing by the office at your convenience.

Back to the salt mine.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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