We made it through the night at the Florida Sea Base without a thunderstorm.  I apologize for posting this late, but I have caught a cold and I slept in a bit this morning.  Please excuse any typos.  I am jacked up on NyQuil® and Alka Seltzer Plus®; plus the gallon of diluted hydrochloric acid (brand name Afrin®) I have squirted into my left nasal over night.

I am sitting on Escape, sipping on hot, black coffee and hoping my left sinus passages will drain soon.  Currently there is no rain within 100 miles of the Florida Sea Base.  At 08:00 it was 85º and we will get in the low 90s this afternoon.  The wind is 10 to 15 from the east and the skies are mostly clear.  In short, it is a gorgeous summer day.

The tropical weather is very busy.  Hurricane Danielle has made it to Category 4 status but is turning east and will only affect shipping interests.

Tropical Storm Earl is forecast to be a Cat 1 hurricane on Saturday night, Cat 2 on Tuesday and Cat 3 on Wednesday.  It is forecasted to turn north but will come closer than Danielle.

Then there is Invest 97L.  It’s too early for the computers and experts to make even an educated guess about the path of 97.  There is a high pressure system in place that has turned Danielle and should turn Earl to the north and then east.  97 may follow the same trajectory.  But there is a chance of Earl slipping south of the high pressure system and becoming an issue at the Florida Sea Base.

Stay tuned!!!

The first round of my budget did well.  We had a meeting on 04 August and used a crystal ball to predict the 2011 attendance figures.  Those are in turn used to set our projected income.  So we pitch our best guess and reasoning to the GM who ultimately decides the magic number.  He reduced my magic number yesterday which reduced my income projection by $175,000.  That stings a little but is not a huge obstacle.  The good news was that my preliminary spending figures were unscathed.

Since I haven’t gotten off the boat yet I’m not sure what the seasonal staff are doing but I have a good general idea.  Capt. Alex and Dave are probably working on scuba tank maintenance, Lindsay probably helping them or filling orders for used scuba gear, and Capt. Aaron is probably helping Capt. Carol with boat maintenance or working on sailing program equipment.  The facilities staff is working on the Thomas Building conversion from staff housing to conference housing.   The galley staff is working on lunch and dinner.

My understanding is we are scheduled to take two Newtons and maybe the Corinthian dive boat from the Brinton Center to the boat yard on Monday.  (I had an English teacher tell me a long time ago that you can’t have a one sentence paragraph.  So here are two more sentences.)

I haven’t heard a peep from the Wyatts.  I hope they aren’t in jail for killing the contract who was working on their house while they were working here this summer.  He seems to be VERY slow but does good work and charges by the job, not by the hour.

Again, I apologize for this being late.  I’m going to fix something to eat and then I will consider going into the office.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. Dennis and Ellen says:

    Peep. Stop. No jail. Stop. Trip home ok. Stop. Working on Ghetto House. Stop. Slow and steady wins the race. Stop. Haste makes waste. Stop. We hope to have a home/house in November. Stop. 2011? 2012?
    Dennis and Ellen

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