Good early morning from the Florida Sea Base.  It’s about 04:00 and I decided to get up and drain some of the congestion from my head.  I hate being sick and I am NOT a good patient.

I have nothing to talk about except the weather.  The local weather is still typical for summer; high of 90, low of 85, east wind at 15 and some chance of rain.  Hurricane Danielle is no threat.  The winds from Tropical Storm Earl are 9 mph short of hurricane status.  Earl will clip the northern most Lesser Antilles and will hope fully stay east of the Bahamas and only be a rain event for us.  Invest 97 is forecasted to follow the same course as Earl.  There is wave after wave easing across Africa and this chain of invest to tropical depression to tropical storm to hurricane to where will the hurricane hit is going to be a daily event for a while.  The African storms are the ones that have the most time to build into major hurricanes (category 3 or higher).  In a few more weeks, we will see hurricanes being born in the Caribbean.  They like to visit Florida.

A day rarely goes as planned at the Florida Sea Base but here are my plans for today.  First, go back to bed for a while.  Then see how I’m feeling.  If I feel up to it and it doesn’t rain, I have some mechanic work to do on my truck.  Plan B is to work on winter staff hiring and Divemaster Academy applications in the office.

Divemaster Joe Schreiner forwarded this link to me (from one of his participants I believe).  It’s an interesting article about water temperatures affecting fish behavior.

Make it a good day.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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