I’m still not feeling great but it’s time to get back to work.  The Florida Sea Base was visited yesterday by the Islamorada Fire Department.  One of the pull-down alarms in the Galley went haywire and activated repeatedly.  There was no activity in the Galley yesterday and no signs of deliberate activation.  I am sure Capt. Keith will have someone from our alarm company out today to fix the problem.

I had a fairly productive day yesterday.  I was successful in replacing the idle pulley and belt tensioner pulley on my truck.  That took care of the grinding noise being generated by failed bushings.  I also replaced the throttle position sensor but that did not fix the issue I was having with the engine.  The problem almost has to be with the distributor.  Not the rotor or cap – I have already replaced them.  I will have to call Divemaster Kevin Wilson so he can remind me of what he thought needed to be done next.

Earl is now a hurricane.  If the forecast holds, we should get some rain and wind but not much more.  Hope for the best….

Capt. Alex Bergstedt has today and tomorrow to wrap up all things scuba.  He and Maya are heading for Valparaiso, Indiana to spend some time with Alex’s parents and then they are on to Slovakia.  Capt. Alex has done a great job for me for the last four or five years.  (I’m not very good with dates.  That explains my history grades.)  Alex plans to find a job in Slovakia so he can be with Maya.  Maya is working on her Master’s Degree in Business.  She does not seem to be enthused with returning to class.  I sincerely wish them the best of everything.

One of my chores for today is to spend more money.  I need to order air testing kits for the scuba liveaboard boats.  It was decided that the Florida Sea Base would continue to pay for quarterly testing of the compressed air on the boats, but we are going to have the vessel owners submit their own samples to the lab.  I also need to work on winter staff hiring and reviewing applications for the 2010 Divemaster Academy.

Capt. Dave Muenzel on S/V New Horizon was really stoked yesterday.  He is going camping for a week or so with his grandson.  You could see the excitement and pride in his face.  I have never seen him this happy about anything.  I hope you have as good of a day as Capt. Dave is having.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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