I mentioned several times that it is very rare to get an all-day, soaking rain at the Florida Sea Base.  Well, yesterday was one of those days.  It started raining around 09:00 and was still raining when I went to bed.

The radar is clear this morning but the wind is brisk at 22 knots from the east.  In the meantime, Hurricane Earl has turned into a Cat 4 beast.  I am relieved he is not visiting here.  Tropical Storm Fiona is on his heals and catching up.  Two scenarios are being suggested by the pros.  (1) Fiona will catch up with Earl and be torn apart.  (2) Fiona will slow down so as to not over take Earl and has a 25% chance of making landfall somewhere on the US east coast.  It is too early to tell.  And a new tropical wave, Invest 98, is following Fiona.

If there are any staff members reading this who have a Face Book account, would you please spread the word that Wednesday (tomorrow) is Capt. Rich’s birthday?  I am sure he would enjoy hearing from as many face book buddies as possible.  Or you can email him at Rich.Beliveau@scouting.org.

I received a VERY short email message from former Florida Sea Base staff member Seth Little yesterday.  Those of you who worked spring 2010 may remember that Seth was on his way to Alaska to be a bush pilot.  Seth did not say where he is or what he’s doing, but apparently he is still alive.  Teri Wells has taken possession of her Pearson 35 sailboat and is docked at Smuggler’s Cove Marina adjacent to the Snake Creek Drawbridge in Islamorada.  She is in the market for a used marine head (toilet) if anyone has a spare.  (I actually gave my spare to S/V Conchy back in the spring.)  Brittany Haury is easing through the PADI Instructor Development Course at the Florida Keys Dive Center in Tavernier.  Her Instructor Exams (the scary part) is this weekend.  Best of luck Brittany!!!

The number one medical complaint at the Florida Sea Base is ear discomfort.  Scuba divers, sailors, staff, all complain of ear pain.  I was given permission today to purchase a real-live, wall mounted otoscope.  I am working with our medical advisor to find the right unit at the best cost.  While we do not employ a nurse or MD on premises, we frequently have medical professionals among our participants.  Being able to make a quick assessment of whether a sore ear is just a troublesome outer ear infection or a serious internal barotrauma will help reduce the number of people needlessly sent to the ER.  This piece of equipment will be of great benefit to our participants and staff.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. Will says:

    Captain Steve-

    Getting a quality otoscope sounds like a great idea, but your post brought up a question that I’ve heard before from folks about Sea Base. I know all staff are required to have first aid and CPR certification, but why no on-site Health Officer or summer camp type Health Lodge to help reduce ER visits? Enjoyed reading all your blog entries BTW.

    Yours in Scouting,

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Hi Will. it’s good to hear from you. I can give you a number of reasons, but they are all very arguable points. (1) Space; at our current rate of occupancy, it would be very difficult to have a health lodge. The local government says were are “over built” and won’t allow a new building and I’m not sure where we could make space in an existing building. I lobbied hard for an infirmary when the Program Office was remodeled but I lost. (2) I assume cost is another factor. I know we could search for volunteers or maybe hire a retired doctor. As I said, these points are arguable. (3) The nearest paramedics are now two (long) blocks away, closer to .6 miles. But the response time is remarkable. (4) Most of our serious incidents happen on the water, the doctor would be on shore, the ambulance gets here faster than the boats, etc. (5) I will never succeed in convincing the National Office to make everything happen to get us a doctor. I was able to get an otoscope. I guess the bottom line is you are asking your question at too low of a pay grade. – Steve

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