We were expecting sunshine and warmer temperatures yesterday at the Florida Sea Base.  What we got was heavy overcast and temperatures in the high 60s.  Tomorrow will be better with a high of 75, maybe even a little higher.  It has been very nice with the air conditioning turned off for a few days.

Today was pretty routine until about 12:30.  Capt. Bert Hubby called me from the Florida Keys Dive Center.  I don’t know the details, but they were a staff member short for their afternoon scuba trip.  So I volunteered Laura Kuras who got there as fast as she could and I covered her afternoon assignment.

Capt. Rich is working very hard on staffing for the Christmas season.  He recently had two or three folks that he was counting on withdraw.  I think he’s in decent shape, but if you are an experienced FSB staff member and want to work Christmas season, call Capt. Rich today or tomorrow at 305-394-0365.  Starting Thursday he will be gone for a couple of weeks.

As with other island nations effected by Tomas, the damage and fatality reports from Haiti continue to grow following the passage of Tomas.  Haiti is now reporting 20 fatalities related to Tomas.

Congress is still holding hearings regarding the Deepwater Horizon blow-out.  A statement was made yesterday that they have (so far) found no evidence of any conscious decisions to put monetary savings before safety.  That’s amazing; I just heard the little 10 second bleep.  What I heard was that the investigators for the US Congress cannot find any evidence that any of the companies operating in conjunction with the Deepwater Horizon oil platform ever decided to take a safety risk to save a few bucks.  Really?  Either the companies are SAINTS or the investigators are incompetent.  I can believe that there were small safety cuts that may or may not have contributed to the blow-out.  But NONE period is simply amazing.  I wonder if any of the investigators interviewed any of the surviving workers on that rig.  I have a suspicion that they have a few stories to tell of safety concerns ignored or implemented to save money.  But obviously I am mistaken. Click on this link for more information.   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40069648/ns/us_news-environment/

The consensus seems to be that the 2010 hurricane season is over.  It’s amazing that we had such an incredibly active hurricane season with no US landfalls.  I honestly felt we would see a major hurricane in the Keys this year.  I am VERY glad that I was wrong.

Thnks for reading.  I hope you have a good day.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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