Invest 94 L still appears to be no threat to the Florida Sea Base (or any part of the US).  But the system is continuing to organize and our hurricane season may not yet be over.  Our local weather is warming up slowly.  It was ALMOST air conditioner weather this afternoon.

Capt. Dennis took the shark research group from the University of Miami out again yesterday.  Unfortunately, they were skunked.  No sharks were caught.  The group came back about an hour early.  Capt. Dennis and Dr. Ellen loaded up and headed for Lady Lake, Florida as quickly as possible.  They have an important meeting with their home remodeler today.

I did NO office work yesterday.  I did a few chores on the boat and did some routine maintenance on my truck.  I watched part of the Dolphins game, most of the NASCAR race and some of the Cowboys game.  That was about it; generally a quiet day off.

I saw the youth from the church group out kayaking for a while yesterday.  They left the base around 14:00 I believe.  They seemed to be a good group and they were saying how great a time they had as they left.

I have a fairly substantial DO LIST for today.  But you have to stay flexible when working at the Florida Sea Base.  As always, I will have to wait to see what the day brings.  Make it a great day!

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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