Monday started out with an email from Dave Ball, lead Scuba Instructor for the 2010 Divemaster Academy, at 05:54.  (No worries Dave, I was already up.)  About two weeks ago (during the BSA Aquatics Workshop) I finally caved in and routed my Florida Sea Base emails to my iPhone.  It’s interesting to me that the messages appear on my phone faster than on the computer.  Then shortly after 08:00 Sea Tow called asking permission to drop a disabled sailboat at our facility.  Sea Tow is a private company that is essentially a wrecker service on the water.  They help us out from time to time so we told them the distressed sailor could stay here for the day.  He has a minor problem and should be underway by tomorrow morning.

Then, a little after lunch, a real blast from the past.  Former Florida Sea Base staff member Joshua C. Tipton stopped by the base with his fiancee, Heather.  Josh was on staff for several years starting around 1999 and leaving in 2001 or 2002.  Josh is an Eagle Scout from Diboll, Texas.  Diboll is a small town towards the southern end on Angelina County.  I started my law enforcement career in Lufkin, Texas, the county seat of Angelina County.  Josh came to the Florida Sea Base staff shortly after graduating high school.  He worked his way up to Dusky Captain (although they weren’t Coast Guard licensed captains back then).  But he is best known as the First Mate For Capt. Hal MacMinn aboard the BSA Tarpon.  He left Sea Base and enlisted in the US Navy.  After serving four years, he got out and now captains boats off Brazil.  He is in Florida taking a celestial navigation class to upgrade to his 500 ton Master license.  He looked very good and seems to be very happy.

There has been little change to Invest 94L.  It is forecasted to be upgraded to a tropical depression tomorrow.  Our local weather has an increased chance of rain tomorrow and Thursday.  There is a front approaching us from the Northwest that has a decent squall line in front of it.  It may cool us off about three degrees.  That would be perfect.

Back to the grindstone.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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