Several of the permanent staff of the Florida Sea Base were off-base yesterday.  Chrystene went to Key West (thanks for delivering the package to the Conch Pearl for me).  Paul and Nancy are at Philmont discussing (or maybe just cussing) the new database/internet/registration system for the BSA.  And I spent most of the day getting my physical for my US Coast Guard Masters license renewal, waiting at the post office to mail the renewal packet to Miami, and running errands.  Keith seemed to be in and out (I have no idea what his list included for the day). Capt. Rich was still in the Caribbean (he’s headed back today I believe).  So basically Rob, Cheryl, Ali and Maria held down the fort at Sea Base.  At the Brinton Center Capt. Scott is away on vacation with Lizzie and I think (but not positive) that Capt. Lenny is also on vacation.

Our weather was perfect yesterday; clear skies, 83 degrees, mild breeze.  There were no reported deaths or injuries at the base.  As far as I know, there was not even any drama.  I was remiss in reporting that Sargon Smith has returned to the base (on Monday I think).  He had returned to North Carolina and was making good money with a construction company – until the job ended.  So he is back with us, working for Chrystene, filling the opening created by Dom Alesandrini’s departure.  (Dom’s last day is this Friday.)  Laura slaved away on regulator rebuilds, the rangers worked on maintenance projects and the rest of the seasonal staff worked on inventory of the Ships Store and warehouse.

I want to say thank you to Rafael Arrom, our Head Ranger, for the work he and his ranger team did on the shower chickee.  If you’ve been here, you are probably aware of the shower chickee between the Commissary and the T-Dock.  It has been there since way before my time.  Rafael and company replaced the rotted wooden deck and increased the shower heads from one to four.  [For those of you not familiar with the word “chickee”, it is a structure built by the Native American tribes that inhabited South Florida.  The roof is made of woven palm fronds.  They are very hurricane resistant.  For many years only Native Americans were allowed to construct chickees.  But it seems that maybe that law was changed a few years ago.  The shower chickee has a single upright pole in the center with an inverted conical roof.  It looks like a giant umbrella.]

It’s 04:05.  I’m going back to bed.  Thanks for reading.  By the way, I will likely be driving back to Texas over the weekend so I may not have internet access to post anything for a few days.  If so, I apologize in advance.

Capt. Steve
Aboard S/V Escape

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