The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base has three campuses; Sea Base (Islamorada, FL), Brinton Environmental Center (Summerland Key, FL) and Marsh Harbour (Abacos, Bahamas).  All three campuses have some sailing component.  One of the programs offered at the BEC is the Keys Adventure.  This program offers a day of sailing aboard Morgan 33 Out Island sailboats.  The Bahamas offers two sailing programs, Bahamas Adventure and Bahamas Tall Ship.  Sea Base offers the majority of our sailing programs; Coral Reef Sailing, Sea Exploring and Eco Adventure, plus our Scuba Liveaboard Adventure is currently conducted aboard sailboats.  (Details on each of these Adventures are available at, then click on High Adventures.)  Many crew leaders call wanting suggestions on how they can best prepare their crew for their FSB High Adventure.  Please click on READ MORE for several suggestions on preparing for Adventures that include sailing.

Here are some suggestions for preparing for any of the sailing adventures offered at any of the FSB campuses:

1.  Study the Captain’s Award section of the FSB Participant’s Guide.  This was written by Captain Rich Beliveau and is a WEALTH of information in a very concise package.

2.  Review the Small Boat Sailing merit badge pamphlet.  Most of the info is already in the Captain’s Award info mentioned above, but the pamphlet is still worth reviewing.

3.  Contact your local US Power Squadron or Coast Guard Auxiliary.  They can provide a volunteer instructor to meet with you crew and teach them how to read charts and some basic navigation.

4.  Practice sailing if possible.

5.  Knots are critical.  Each member of your crew needs to know how to tie a bowline, cleat hitch, clove hitch, and 2 half hitches proficiently, in the dark, and from differing angles of attack (around a horizontal pole, around a vertical pole, through a ring, etc.)

6.  Yesterday’s post discussed performing the BSA Swimmer’s Test in a STRONG manner, completion of the Swimming merit badge and the Snorkel BSA Award.  These skills are critical for the adults and youth.

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