Sea Base is getting pretty bare.  Thanksgiving is the only holiday we are allowed to take vacation.  I’m not sure where everyone is but here’s a short list.

Capt. Harman and Assistant Ranger Joe Shriner left a few days ago aboard Dutch Love.  They are sailing to the Honduran island of Roatan.  Capt. Harman owns a piece of property there.

Captains Rich (Sailing Director), Carol (Dive Boat Goddess) and Bruce (Coral Reef Sailing captain) are sailing to the Bahamas aboard Sienna Belle.

Captains Mike and Kelly (Coral Reef Sailing, Scuba Liveaboard, and Eco Adventure) are aboard Ciao Bella, also bound for the Bahamas.

Rob Kolb (Director of Program) and his wife Joanne are headed somewhere for the holidays, California I presume.

Capt. Alex Bergstedt (Scuba Commissioner) is headed home to Valparaiso, Indiana to be with his family.

Paul Beal (General Manager) and his wife, Dana, are staying at the Base for Thanksgiving along with Capt. Keith Douglass (Facilities Director) and his wife, Diane.

Chrystene Matthews (Director of Food and Conferences & Goddess of All Things Retail) is flying to Oregon to visit with her brother.

I haven’t heard from Nancy Wells (Registrar), Ali Bradman (Financial Assistant), or Cheryl Ferreri (Administrative Assistant) so I’m not sure what they’re up to.

I think Capt. Scott Martin (Brinton Center) and wife Lizzy are going to visit Scott’s parents in North Carolina.

I’m in Texas visiting family.

Would the last one out please turn off the lights?  Who’s going to feed the cats?

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