Today is Sunday.  I’m going to meet my son at his house after church.  He is the person who is responsible for this blog.  I would have never even tried to do this without his technical assistance.  As a matter of fact, one of the things I hope we can accomplish today is tweaking one of the pages on this site that is having technical difficulties beyond my abilities.  We’ll also check out some new (to me anyway) video games and electronic “goodies”.  The weather is supposed to be pretty decent today so I may try to drag him out truck shopping.  My 1997 GMC has almost 205,000 miles on it and I am suffering from new truck fever.  I would have a new truck already, but the prices are just to hard for me to justify.

I bought my first pickup in 1975.  It was a 1974 Chevy half-ton, fully loaded and I paid less than $3,500.  I drove it for 375,000 miles and then sold it for $1,500.  Then in 1996 I bought a 1997 GMC 3/4 ton (even ordered it from the factory to my specifications) and nearly had a stroke over the $21,600 price tag.  I couldn’t grasp why the truck should cost 6 times as much as it’s predecessor.  It couldn’t possible last 6 times as many miles (nearly 2 million miles?), it couldn’t last 6 times as long (nearly 120 years?) and my pay had not increased 6 fold.  But the old ’74 was dead and gone and I NEEDED a truck.  Right now I just WANT a new truck.  At 205k miles the ’97 is running pretty good. None of the fluids are leaking onto the ground.  There’s a little body damage, she needs new tires, a new seat cover on the driver’s side (which probably means new covers all around to have them match), there are some electronic glitches and the switch that controls the duct selection on the air conditioner / heater may need to be replaced.  If you open the hood she looks almost new.  So I don’t really NEED a new truck right now.  And I am even more dumb-struck by the prices.  The price has about doubled in the last 12 years.  Again, my pay check hasn’t doubled in the last 12 years; the new truck is not going to last 4 million miles or 240 years.  No wonder the auto industry is in such bad shape.  They have lost their minds.  Which is another reason to not buy a new truck.

Anyway, new truck or not, I will have a great day visiting my son.  I hope this is a great day for you too.

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