I had the “pleasure” of going to the doctor this morning.  There are a lot of things parents teach their kids about life.  But sometimes we forget (or maybe intentionally leave out) that there is no dignity for old men (and I suspect for the ladies neither) when they go to the doctor.  Apparently, fewer areas are off limits as you age.  I remember when going to the doctor meant having a brief encounter with a stethoscope.  Then I got older and going to the doctor introduced me to this “reverse pliers” type device that was used to pry open my nose so the doctor could see my brain via my sinuses.  Now those seem to be gone.  It seems my doctor’s favorite tools are “scopes”.  This is not the place to go in to detail about scopes.  If you’re old, explain it to your kids.  If you’re young, go ask your parents or grandparents.  The doctor likes using his scope so much that he invited me to come back in a month so he could show it to me again.  Woo-Hoo.  Oh, a word to the wise.  Don’t ask to see the scope.  If you think it FEELS bad, you will be terrified if you see it.  “You’re going to put that WHERE?  And do WHAT?”  I am no fan of the scope.  If you haven’t met the scope yet I have just one word for you – BROCCOLI.  Eat a LOT of it, every day, twice on Sunday.  Broccoli may help postpone you’re meeting with the scope.  And you really want to postpone that meeting for as long as possible – forever even.

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