I know this news is a little late for those of you who are Weather Channel addicts, but Tropical Storm Cindy popped up about two days ago.  This system, like Tropical Depression Bret, poses no threat to the Florida Sea Base.

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We finished our monthly Team Meeting in record time yesterday.  We wrapped up around 1130.  Captain Rich and I took advantage of the time and jumped on our budget.  We finished all of the accounts except the income account before breaking for lunch.  After lunch I filled in the numbers for the income sheet and notified Captain Paul Beal and Rob Kolb that the first attempt was completed.  It was received with kinder words than I expected by Captain Beal, our General Manager.  Mr. Kolb had no comment.  (No news is good news!  Right?)

Speaking of Rob Kolb, he has been selected to spend next week at Philmont Scout Ranch to learn how to put the Florida Sea Base website onto Facebook®.  Rob may be more technically dysfunctional than me (if that is even possible) and does not seem to be looking forward to this challenge.

One of my scuba instructors has broken his foot and one of my divemasters is on week two or three of some yet undiagnosed sinus/ear infection/issue.  Scuba Commissioner Laura Kuras is struggling to find ways to keep our crews covered with these two staff members out of the line-up.  To compound the problem, we have a special, three person Scuba Adventure crew arriving today.  Basically Laura will serve as the crew’s Divemaster today through Sunday and I will take the crew on Monday and Tuesday.  Maybe the ear infection will be healed by then, but if not, Laura and I will continue to share the crew for the remainder of their week.  Captain Dennis Wyatt has also volunteered to donate his Saturday afternoon (he is usually off then) to drive the boat for Laura and the crew who will go to Alligator Reef for dive 1.  Thanks Captain Dennis!!!

The sailing staff will have more than a handful today as well.  We usually have four Coral Reef Sailing crews, one Scuba Liveaboard, and one Eco Adventure crew arrive on Fridays.  Today there will be three ADDITIONAL Coral Reef Sailing crews arriving.

And what a horrible mess this will create for Dr. Ellen Wyatt doing check-ins/outs.  She will have seven Coral Reef Sailing crews, one Scuba Liveaboard crew, one Scuba Adventure crew,  and one Eco Adventure crew checking in and four Coral Reef Sailing crews, and one Sea Exploring crew checking out.  (I included a SIGNIFICANT raise for Dr. Ellen in the 2012 budget.)  I am going to propose a plan to recruit someone (maybe Laura or me) to cover the check-out process and maybe another person (likely Hanna Johnson from Admin) to assist Dr. Ellen with check-ins in the event all of the crews arrive simultaneously.  Anyway you cut it, today will be INSANITY in the Program Office.

Have a great day.

Capt. Steve Willis
Aboard S/V Escape 


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