Saturday is my scheduled day off.  I hope to sleep in a little, but that RARELY happens.  I’ll try my best.  Then I’ll see how things are going on base.  If all is well, I have two work related assignments off base.  I was aked to go to the Kawasaki dealership in Key Largo and check out a 600cc 4 wheeler and I need to stop at Key Dives and Quienscence Diving Services to photograph their tank trailers.  Captain Paul Beal, the General Manager of the Florida Sea Base, is considering allowing us to purchase a Kawaski and build a trailer to haul tanks from the scuba area to the sea wall.   This is a definite maybe.

The seasonal staff members are being challanged by injuries and illnesses.  One broke his foot, one may have walking pneumonia, another has a sinus infection, another had an infection lanced on his back, and there are some others that are slipping my mind at this time.  None of these folks can get in the water and that is leaving us very short handed.  We do not have adequate staff housing and certainly can’t acccomodate spare staff members.  When one staffer goes down it causes issues.   We have reinforcements coming on the scuba side, but we are still hurting for the next week or two.  The sailing staff is also in a pinch, especially for tomorrow when they have seven instead of the usual four crews arriving.

Invest 90L is on the (morning) horizon and its forecasted track is a little concerning; 005º shift to the north and she will be knocking on our door.  But it is several days away so we will continue to monitor the situation.

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In anticipation of sleeping in, I am going to post this tonight.  Have a good weekend.

Capt. Steve Willis
Aboard S/V Escape

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