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Invest 90L was declared dead yesterday but is back this morning.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Florida Sea Base could experience some rain and wind from the system over the next two to three days.  We have a Small Craft Advisory in effect for today.  Operationally that does not impact us much since our vessels exceed the definition of “small craft”.  From a practical standpoint it means that it will be a good day for sailing with reefed sails but too so great for snorkeling or scuba diving.  Here are Dr. Jeff Masters’ comments from yesterday on other tropical developments:

Other North Atlantic waves

There are a couple other waves to speak of that have left the coast of Africa in the past few days, one located near 40W and the other closer to Africa, around 30W, which is tangled up in the monsoon trough. The former is expected to take a southerly track, skirting northern South America, and possibly into the Bay of Campeche. Given this track, none of the models are suggesting it will develop. However, tropical cyclones that spin up in the Bay of Campeche generally have a short forecast lead time, so it’s something to watch. The latter wave could take a slightly more northern track through the Caribbean islands, and a couple of the models seem to favor this wave for development at the end of their runs.

Tropical wave activity has been lacking so far this season, but climatologically we should see an increase in African easterly waves in August and September.

As Dr. Masters said, we are getting close to the time of year when the tropical weather will become more active.  Hang on to your hats!

Monday was relatively benign at the Florida Sea Base.  The Scuba Mates had reported “a tingly feeling” when touching the frame of scuba compressor #2.  The electrician came out this morning and fixed the problem.  The Halie and Matthew was delayed in its departure for the Dry Tortugas but finally headed west late Sunday.  Three or four of the scuba staff are still grounded but reinforcements are enroute.

Direcor of Program Rob Kolb is spending the next week in a tent at Philmont Scout Ranch to learn how to manage a Facebook® site for the Florida Sea Base.  The seem to be several contradictions in that sentence.  Rob and anything computer related.  Rob and tent.  Tent and computers.  Facebook® and Philmont.  Etc.

We had an ice cream sundae sparkler for the seasonal staff last night.  Some of the Coal Reef Sailing captains joined in.  Thanks to Dr. Ellen for making the arrangments, Katie and the Galley staff for obtaining the goodies and everyone who helped clean up.  The original plan was to hold the sparkler at the scuba training tanks but air conditioning was the order of the day so the shin-dig was moved to the Chart Room.

Scuba Commissioner Laura Kuras is enjoying a day off today.  I always think of a jillion things I need done when she’s not around.  Unfortunately for them, I tend to rely on Captains Dennis Wyatt and Alex Bergstedt to be my whipping posts when Laura’s not around.  Thanks for supporting me for so many seasons guys!

Welcome to Tuesday.  Here we go again.

Capt. Steve Willis
Aboard S/V Escape



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