Captain Rich was awaken at 0330 yesterday morning.  At 0430 my phone rang.  (Actually I received a text message.  Fortunately I am a light sleep and the “dunt-dunt-dunt” woke me up.)  It was a frenzied day from that point forward.  I was still dealing with issues at 1930 last night and I have no idea how late (VERY late) Captain Rich was up dealing with his issue.  He will be back at it very early this morning.  The good thing about the day was the positive attitude displayed by the staff and participants.  Just like raining at a camp-out, we simply cannot control the weather.  Scuba Commissioner Laura Kuras worked very hard to keep the grounded scuba crews entertained.  And we did get some dives in late in the afternoon.  So the day was not a total wash.

My primary assignment for today is to drive the dive boat for the Scuba Certification crew.  The wind is still holding at 15 – 20 knots from the east.  I am not overly optimistic that we can get the crew out to the reef.  If not, there is a place on the bay side called Port Antigua that we use as a back-up.

Tropical Storm Don is still moving towards South Texas and poses no threat to the operations of the Florida Sea Base.  However, there is (or was) a BSA local council facility near Brownsville, Texas called Sea Base.  If it is still in business it may get a bit of weather soon.

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Another tropical wave has now been designated Invest 91L.  As you can see, it is a long way out.  However, as you can also see, both the Florida Sea Base and our Bahamas base are potential targets for this new system.  Stay tuned!!!

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I’m going to try to get back to sleep.  Have a great day!

Capt. Steve Willis
Aboard S/V Escape 

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