Today is the last day of the winter program season at the Florida Sea Base.  We have one Sea Exploring crew returning to base this afternoon.  They will have breakfast with us tomorrow morning.

Class 8 of the Florida Sea Base Divemaster has concluded; 15 of our 18 candidates completed the course.  We had our closing banquet last night.  Galley Manager, Capt. Rae, Galley Assistant Manager, Trevor, and Galley Mate Azure, put together an incredible feast.  Thank you VERY much.  I also want to say “thanks” to the DMA cadre, Captain Dennis Wyatt, David Ball, Captain Alex Bergstedt, Richard Goldman, and Christy Clemenson.  Conducting Divemaster training for 18 candidates is a daunting task.  Most dive centers teach one or two Divemasters at a time and the course usually lasts for months and months.  Certifying 15 Divemasters in two weeks is a rare accomplishment, but one we manage every year.  It would not be possible without a dedicated staff.  Thanks also to Dr. Ellen Wyatt for keeping the office and me in line.

The Scuba Adventure crew completed their last dive yesterday morning.  They were led this week by Sargon Smith and Kari Dahlquist.  Their boat crew included Captain Carol Chapman and Captain Scott Costa.  The Scuba Liveaboard crew returned from Stock Island yesterday afternoon.  Will Yanni and Mike Roesel staffed the Scuba Liveaboard with Captains Denny and Holley.

One Sea Exploring crew returned from Marathon yesterday.  Unfortunately, my involvement with the DMA has left me  unacquainted with most of the sailing staff.  Captain Rich was off-base yesterday so I’ll try to get all of the sailing staff listed in tomorrow’s post.

We are expecting 25 knot winds tonight and Tuesday.  The good news is they will be from the north, the temperatures will be very mild and there is only a slight chance of showers.

Make it a great day.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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