Protecting the oceans and its inhabitants is very import to most scuba divers.  We wish it could last forever, improve instead of continuing to decline.  I hope that the reef and I both live long enough to allow me to take my granddaughter scuba diving some day.  If you feel passionate about the sea, you can help me, help the PADI AWARE foundation by clicking on this SHARK link and reading the appeal for all of us to help protect the Coral Sea sharks.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

There was no rain at the Florida Sea Base Sunday.  We had clear skies and topped out at 87º.  The water temperature was 75º at Molasses Reef and Pickles Reef near Tavernier.  It has been VERY overcast since late last night.  There is no rain in today’s forecast, but our high will only be in the mid 70s.  The lows tonight and tomorrow night should be in the upper 60s (good sleeping weather).

The air conditioning in the aft cabin on S/V Escape crashed again Saturday night/Sunday morning.  I think the contacts that allow the compressor to cycle on and off have burned out.  I think I have a set of contacts, but I can’t locate them.  I will try again this afternoon.

I climbed in the engine room late yesterday to clean the strainer for the raw water that cools the a/c.  I assumed it would be pretty gunked up with mud from the dredging.  I was VERY wrong.  The only time I have ever seen the strainer cleaner while at the dock was when it was first installed.    There was a tiny bit of mud and three or four strands of grass and that was it.  And there’s more good news.  Prior to the Divemaster Academy last December I spent hours searching for the strobe to my camera.  It think I wrote about my search in a previous post.  I found it yesterday while looking for the replacement a/c contacts.  It was where it was supposed to be; where it has been stored for several years.  I cannot imagine how I could have possibly overlooked it.  Getting old is scary. 🙂

One Scuba Certification and one Sea Exploring crew arrived at the Florida Sea Base yesterday.  They are part of a single Troop.  Scuba Instructor Meghann Michalski and Divemaster Steven Raymond are tending to the Scuba Certification crew.  Tim Rucello and Robby Adams are in charge of the Sea Exploring crew.  They will spend the week onboard Schooner Pirates Lady with Co-Captains Skip and Deb Bradshaw.

As usual, I am switching between The Weather Channel and the local weather on the TV, plus reviewing multiple on-line weather sites which composing this post.  The Weather Channel frequently advertises a new show called “Ice Pilots”.  The last line in the ad is my favorite, “I can’t feel my feet”.  I remember those experiences during my three year stint in Michigan as a military brat. Based on my personal experience, I have a suggestion for the mechanic in the TV show – MOVE SOUTH.

I am headed back to the PADI Instructor Development Course this morning.  Captain Bert Hubby is doing a “private”IDC this month.  Based on yesterday’s experience, this candidate needs to listen carefully, use the tools Bert provided and follow the established protocol for his presentations.  he seemed to know the material, but needs (1) to slow down and (2) slow down more.

Some of you get to enjoy an extra day off; if so, I hope you can do something fun with your family.  For the rest of us, here we go again!

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape 


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