PADI has an unimaginable number of liability releases to cover a myriad of circumstances; divers in basic training, divers in advanced training, certified divers who are not taking a training course, divers taking various highly specialized training courses, divers on boats, divers on excursions, ad infinitum.  So it is easy (especially for persons not in the diving business) to get the forms confused.  I have made similar posts previously, but forms also get updated and BSA, FSB and PADI policies change.  So I will try again.

If you are attending the Florida Sea Base SCUBA CERTIFICATION program in 2012 you must submit anAnnual BSA Health and Medical Record form (parts A, B, and C), a RSTC/PADI Medical form, a PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and a PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement.  The Safe Diving Practices form and the Liability Release are in the Student File Folder that is included in the “crew pacs” that also contain your PADI Open Water Diver manual.  If Dr. Ellen emails you a copy of the Liability Release, please execute that form and send it with your other paperwork.  The RSTC/PADI Medical form is also in the student file folder, but you need to use a paper copy (click on the above link) so it can be signed by a doctor.  The PADI policy says the form does not have to be signed by a doctor if all health questions are answered with “NO”.  HOWEVER, the BSA requires this form be signed regardless of the answers provided in the health history.  Therefore, both the BSA medical form and the RSTC/PADI medical form must be signed by a doctor.

If you are attending the Florida Sea Base SCUBA ADVENTURE or SCUBA LIVEABOARD program in 2012 you must submit an Annual BSA Health and Medical Record form (parts A, B, and C) and a PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk for Supervision of Certified Divers.

I apologize for the confusion.  This is an annual “event”.  I wish I could explain why this seems to be a recurring issue, but it would not be well received.  The information and forms provided above are correct.  The correct paperwork may or may not have been included in the crew packets that were sent to the registered crew leaders.  The information on the official BSA and/or Florida Sea Base web sites may not be accurate.  Once again, the information provided in this post is correct for 2012 Scuba Certification, Scuba Adventure and Scuba Liveaboard crews.

I am headed back to the IDC this morning.  They need me for an hour or two and then I’ll be back on base.  Maybe hopping into the pool will help wake me up.  I feel like a zombie this morning.

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