Today is my son’s and daughter-in-law’s 11th anniversary.  Have a blessed day kiddos.

I had some challenges (mainly due to exhaustion) on yesterday’s post with the links to various forms.  I THINK I have corrected the issues.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thursday was pretty busy about the Florida Sea Base; one Sea Exploring crew and three Coral Reef Sailing crews returned to base and attended the closing “luau” ceremony.  Another Coral Reef Sailing crew was on base for their shore-leave day.  The Scuba Certification crew completed their PADI Open Water Diver certification.

I spent about an hour assisting with the Instructor Development Course yesterday and about three and a half hours studying for Saturday’s Standards and Procedures test.  Captain Rich Beliveau participated in a conference call (that seemed to last for hours) with the US Coast Guard, lawyers, ASTM, and industry leaders who are trying to promulgate standards for parasailing.  Persons already in the industry are trying to keep the rules loose enough that they can stay in business.  Others are trying to make an encyclopedia of micro-managment “what if” rules, including requiring onboard chart plotters with XM weather access.  (My concern about the last requirement is it may get transferred to all sailing vessels if it gets “approved” at this level – an expensive proposition.)

Dr. Ellen had 92 scuba medical related emails yesterday.  If you have questions about the required paperwork, PLEASE read my 23 February 2012 post.  Also, if you are attending the Florida Sea Base as a Scuba Certification crew, PLEASE, PLEASE have everyone in your crew read the PADI Open Water Diver manual that was sent to you and COMPLETE THE KNOWLEDGE REVIEW AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER.  If you don’t, you will be sitting in the classroom reading instead of diving on a gorgeous reef.

Chip Kasper, Senior Marine Weather Forecaster, from the National Weather Service in Key West is scheduled to stop by this morning.  He sent an email saying he was going to be in the neighborhood (more about that in the next paragraph) and had some NWS “products” he thought might benefit the safe operation of the Florida Sea Base.  Chip is very aware of our dependence on weather and our efforts to diligently track it and give appropriate directions to as many as 40 boats that may be on the water at any given time during the summer carrying very precious cargo – your children.  One of my concerns is whether the Florida Sea Base internet connection is strong enough to display the intense graphics of some of the NWS products.  [SIDE BAR:  The Florida Sea Base is located in a geographically “remote” area.  We have marginal internet connect at best.  The service is so poor that I subscribe to an “air card” at my own expense to allow me to support this blog and monitor weather while I am out of the office.]

The reason Mr. Kasper will be “in the neighborhood” is because he will be manning a booth at the 16th Annual Gigantic Nautical Flea Market at Founders Park in Islamorada this weekend.  I may actually miss the flea market this year due to my Course Director exams.

If you are fortunate enough to be enjoying snow today, please be safe.

The Weather Channel

At 0630 we are experiencing 74º, clear skies and gentle breezes.  We will survive. 🙂

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