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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!  The Florida Sea Base has a pathetic internet capacity.  Many leaders are scanning and emailing their scuba crew medicals.  Yesterday, the whole computer network at the Florida Sea Base shut down from data overload.  Please fax the medicals to 305-664-5632 or mail them to Florida Sea Base, PO Box 1906, Islamorada, FL 33036.  If you must send them electronically, consider copying them onto a CD and mail that to us OR email the medicals ONE PARTICIPANT AT A TIME.

We are still in internet overload and need you to refrain from sending large data files.  I do NOT use the Florida Sea Base internet system for this post.  I pay $70 a month for an AT&T air card for my personal internet use.  In critical weather situations it is not unusual for Captain Rich and I to have to depend on our iPhones for weather data or we have to go to the boat (we both live on boats) and use our personal internet access and computers.  When I purchased my MacBook Pro it gave me the ability to be more mobile when these issues arise.

But none of this fixes our current dilemma.  All of the on base business computers (about 20 of them) are hardwired to a single server that is fed by a single DSL connection. This same feed supports two wi-fi systems that are used by our seasonal staff and participants.

The 2012 Daytona 500 is finally over.  If you didn’t watch it, you missed some incredible, real life action.  Wow!

Another round of termite treatments is complete.  The tents have been removed from the dorms, GM’s residence and Quarterdeck.

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A few days ago I wrote a post about the annual inspection of our scuba tanks.  Here are some photos I took yesterday of the staff hard at work.

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The Florida Sea Base hosted a session of the PADI Member Forum last night.  I have explained this is previous posts. Essentially, we host the Forum each spring.  It is a three hour session for PADI Divemasters and Instructors to see what’s new with PADI.  PADI Regional Manager Mike Kurzcewski makes the presentation.  Last night we had a special treat; Bob Coleman, one of PADI’s Vice Presidents (of sales I believe), came along with Mike.  Bob (like everyone at PADI) is a really great guy.

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