With a 40% chance of rain in the forecast for the Florida Sea Base, it was no big surprise when we felt the rain coming yesterday morning.  I was still aboard Escape, working but being lazy at the same time.  About 0840 a small but briefly potent system moved over the base.

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By 0850 we were down to a light sprinkle and by 0900 the prevailing attitude was “rain, what rain”?

I don’t have an exact itinerary yet, but I have been given a green light to visit Texas this week.  Yesterday I mentioned going to the mainland to buy plumbing supplies for my dad.  He’s having a major issue with the bathroom lavatory supply lines.  He lives in a very rural area of southeast Texas and I hope I bought everything here that we will need.  I went to the mainland because there are no Lowe’s stores in the keys.  But Lowe’s is the closest building supply store to my parents.  But there is no other store, so if they are out of stock on an item the work comes to a standstill.  My dad built this house in 1972-73.  It is a pier and beam structure but there is very little clearance under the house.  Spiders (including black widow and brown recluse), scorpions, fire ants, fleas and other insects, not to mention the possibility of poisonous snakes, are concerns with belly crawling from the access space to the bathroom in the back of the house.  The plan is to try to have everything in hand and as prepared as possible before sliding under the house.  The less time under there the better.  I will have to take a small shovel with me in case I have to create some additional clearance to get under some of the floor joists.

He’s also suffering a flea infestation.  He hired someone to kill the fleas but they were unsuccessful or maybe just conned him out of his money.  So my second mission is to eradicate the fleas.  The third mission is another under-the-house issue.  My dad had been paying a termite business to treat the house for several years.  However, he believes the house has suffered structural damage from termites, including the floor joists.  The floor at the front door is sagging and not longer operational.  I have NO idea how to replace floor joists in an existing structure.  My parents are very poor, I work for the National Council of the BSA (need I say more?) and hiring contractors would be financially devastating.  My dad lives on 10 acres and it may be cheaper to build a new, smaller house than repair the existing structure.  But I am getting way ahead of myself and hopefully the situation is nowhere near that bad.

Sorry for babbling about personal stuff; back to the Florida Sea Base.

After the rain passed yesterday morning it was business as usual; the divers went diving and the sailors were sailing.  It was the last dive for their week’s Scuba Adventure crews.  They head for home this morning and one new SA crew checks in.  Five Coral Reef Sailing crews and one Sea Exploring crew returned to base to join the divers for luau.  No crews were on base for shore leave and one new Coral Reef Sailing crew checked in.  The last spring Scuba Liveaboard crew went home yesterday morning and the last spring Sea Exploring crew leaves this morning.  The season is not over but is winding down.

The memorial service for Captain Joe Maggio will be held at 1100 on Thursday, 19 April 2012, at the Coral Reef Yacht Club, 2484 Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove (Miami), Florida.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape 

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