Ahh, the benefits of hosting the Florida Sea Base Annual Invitational Tarpon Tournament.  Yesterday, the Scuba Adventure crew worked on their SCENE (conservation) award while the staff spread sod.

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Outside contractors were hired to complete projects our in-house maintenance team has not been able to address.

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Some of these repairs have been needed for years.  Better late than never.

After lunch, the divers tackled Alligator Reef.  The wind was HONKIN’ and the waves were crashing, but, to my surprise, they pulled off the dive.  No one even got seasick.

I worked with Paula at Corinthian Catamarans to draft a quote for a vessel to replace the BSA Tarpon.  I believe the Florida Sea Base took possession of the BSA Tarpon in 1994.  She has been a workhorse but is long past her prime.

The wind built even more late last night, gusting to 28knots from the east.  This will make for a challenging day for scuba diving and snorkeling with high waves and poor visibility.  The staff will do all they can to find a location with the best possible conditions for the divers and hopefully the sailors can put a reef in the sails and have a good day on the bay-side of the islands.

Yesterday was Capt. Zach Woodmancy’s and Addie Summitt’s last day at the Florida Sea Base.  They worked for several seasons at the Brinton Environmental Center before spending this spring at Sea Base. They have purchased a home in Sarasota, Florida and are moving on to real jobs.  They were excellent staff members and will be sorely missed.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape 

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