My stay in Texas is almost over.  I will be on the road towards the Florida Sea Base very early Sunday morning.  I will spend Sunday night in Quincy, FL (just west of Tallahassee).  I will leave very early on Monday, stop in Fort Myers, FL for a couple of hours and then drive to the base.  If all goes well I’ll be on the boat by early evening Monday.  I may be able to sleep in a little on Tuesday morning; the staff meets at 0930 to begin the 2012 edition of the Florida Sea Base Annual Tarpon Tournament.  Woo-Hoo!!!

Leaving is always tough.  I won’t be allowed to come back until September.  The worst part is my mom.  It’s a long story, but she has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time; breast, lung, and lung again.  Due to her very advanced dementia (which was a side effect from the chemo-therapy of the first two cancers), the doctors have recommended we allow the disease to “run it’s course”.  My dad hopes to get clarification and more specific information from the doctors in the next few weeks.

The long term weather forecast looks damp for the Tarpon Tournament. does a pretty good job with extended forecasts.  They are calling for a chance of thunderstorms Thursday, lingering into Friday.  WeatherUnderground is calling for a chance of rain every day except Friday.  NOAA is calling for a chance of rain EVERY day.  The NOAA/NWS marine forecast is calling for 20 knot winds Tuesday and Wednesday then diminishing to 15 and maybe 10 by the end of the week; Bonine® weather.

I will post again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I should have some actual Florida Sea Base news by then.

Capt. Steve Willis
Professional Scuba Bum™
Aboard S/V Escape

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  1. Dan Mikalian says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom. My grandpa passed the day I picked up my first crew this past summer: he was the whole reason I got into diving. I wish you and her the best.


  2. Steve Willis says:

    Thanks Dan. Sorry about your grandpa. This is a part of life; the crummy part. The process is in God’s hands. All we can hope for is to die with as little pain as possible. Capt. Steve

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