The Florida Sea Base experienced 33 knot winds between 18:00 and 19:00 yesterday, just enough to be classified as “gale” force.  At 05:00 the wind has slackened a little, but is still blowing like snot and the air temperature is about 60°F.  The temperature should continue to drop for the next few hours to near near 50.  Then it is forecasted to warm back up to a high of 62 this afternoon.  The participants that arrived yesterday are experiencing some serious High Adventure!  The blow will continue through today and tomorrow; it will be a little challenging for the scuba crews.  Hopefully they brought a good supply of Bonine®.  The wind should lay down considerably on Tuesday so the whole week won’t be blown out.


Not at the Florida Sea Base, but Captain Rich called me yesterday from North Carolina to tell me it was snowing.  He was still not quite to his new home in Oriental.  He said he had never driven in snow before.


The sailing staff spent yesterday morning preparing for our crew arrivals.  Sailing Commissioner Bryce Dallmeyer and the returning staff members provided on-the-job training for our new staff members as the Coral Reef and Sea Exploring crews arrived.  The scuba staff was divided into two teams.  Scuba Commissioner Laura Kuras took one team to the scuba area to work on the annual tank inspections while Captain Christy Clemenson took a couple of staff to assist with boat stuff.

Capt. Steve Willis
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